Hallmarking and silver care

Treasured Keepsakes hallmark all their silver products over 7.78 grams with our own hallmark, giving you the peace of mind for such a special purchase.

Please see the Hallmarking Dealers 2002 Notice for more information

 Silver Care Instructions

All our silver products are currently made using fine silver (99.9) which is even more pure than sterling silver (which has copper added to it to harden the silver). As our silver is softer it will be more prone to marks and scratches and therefore needs to carefully looked after to give it the longest life possible.

Silver naturally tarnishes when it comes in to contact with various elements in the atmosphere. Wearing your item will help keep it shiny and silver however you can help by ensuring it doesn’t come in to contact with perfume and that you take it off when showering and swimming and when using any chemicals/cleaning products.

All our silver products come with an anti-tarnishing tab in the gift box. To help avoid tarnishing, store your jewellery in an air-tight container with the tab inside.

Regularly polish your silver using a silver polishing cloth.

Treasured Keepsakes provide a free re-polishing service providing the postage is paid for. Although this will help keep your item in great condition re-polishing won’t be able to remove any large marks or scratches.

Here is a link to our blog on this subject.